Essential Options for the Proper Heroin De-Addiction

Many drug addicts have repeatedly decided to set aside their addiction, but fail in this way. So, it seems that many addicts need more information about their addiction reasons, and they need to get acquainted with the scientific and methodological methods of quitting addiction.

Mr. Doctor, What are the common ways to treat addiction?

In general, there are two types of approaches in this regard: the first treatment is based on complete avoidance and the other is a treatment for reducing harm, and in the first method, the rate of relapse is high because it is based on detoxification and after detoxification, which is usually from several days It takes a few weeks for a person to use no opium. In this treatment, methods such as counseling, psychotherapy and drug therapy are used to prevent recurrence.

Explainingthe characteristics of counseling and psychotherapy?

Counseling and psychotherapy is done in a group or individual. In the therapeutic group, some people talk about their problems, and during this discussion each one gets acquainted with other problems, which may be similar to his own problem, and becomes aware of possible solutions and experiences. In the group, people’s confidence increases, because they see that they all face the same problems and realize that the problem is not about their own, but about their illness. In an individual counselor, the patient becomes familiar with ways to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of addiction by a counselor or psychologist. In this counsel, Mike may recall what he does not want to raise. For more on this, make a visit to now.

What should be observed in individual counseling?

The type of relationship between counselor and patient is very important. For a good counseling, a good therapeutic relationship between the patient and the therapist is necessary. A relationship in which, the patient can easily communicate with his counselor and talk about his or her problems. In this situation, the counselor tries to provide the necessary training in the ability to solve the problem and reduce stress in order to reduce the likelihood of the patient returning to the addiction. He also gives him the necessary information about the conditions that may lead to the return of addiction.

Who is more likely to return?

People who have a lot of problems, such as storm-eating, heavy-duty manic cracking, family and social problems.

Which methods of quitting are more effective than these people?

Alternative treatments; these people are faced with a number of triggers.


How frequently and unsuccessfully crabs affect the success of treatment?

Depending on the personality; the personality traits, physical and psychological illnesses associated with addiction and type of use are effective in this regard, for example, drug addicts and those who use heroin and crack as well as addicts who have depression, bipolar disorder They will be harder to leave.