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The Search For The Perfect Razor

In order to avoid being cut all the time with the wrong razor when shaving, it is important to choose the best one. There have even been reports of death because of using the wrong razor. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing a razor.

Moisturization is important when shaving. To soften your hair and skin, you must use a shaving cream or self-lubricating razors. This would make it easier to shave the unwanted hair using the razor. Using lubrication when shaving would reduce the risk of burns or irritation from the contact of the blade and your skin. An unlubricated skin would become dry and vulnerable to scratches.

Through years of constant innovation of razors, lubrication strips have been invented. These lubrication strips would break down as it gets into contact with your skin and moisturizes it in the process. They provide even moisturization of the skin without missing a single spot. However, with shaving creams, they unevenly moisturize and leave some spots unmoisturized. Whichever of the two you choose, make sure it has useful additives like Vitamin E, cocoa butter, and other essential vitamins to help you have a healthier look on top of a perfectly shaved look.

It is important to choose the design of the razor. The razors would differ from each other in terms of curves, handle weight, flexibility, design, the gender of the user, and other technical differences. Each type of razor has different prices.

Look for a razor that would suit your needs and not on how it is marketed. If you have noticed that a razor for the opposite gender is what helps you achieve that perfectly shaved look, then you should go for that.

Know the number of blades you need. Having numerous blades in a single razor would quicken the shaving since you will not have to swipe it all over again on your skin. However, they are much pricier since they give you the closest and smoothest shave with each stroke,

A good tip in avoiding razor burns is not to reuse the blades after using them a few times already since they may have bacteria. Find those old blades and throw them out.

Avoid using the same razor for all of your body parts. You will be having nicks and cuts all over when you use the same razor on your flat face and your contoured legs. Razors have their own limits. A curved body part would require a razor to move. Also, you need to have a strong grip on the handle of the razor that is why choosing an ergonomic handle is advisable.

Choosing the right razor is a long series of tests. Do not be afraid to test out different types of razor. Keep at it on the search and someday you will find that perfect razor for sure.